Future Sex Toys – Insight To The Future Of Sex Toys!

sex toys for men

The use of sex toys to spice up the sex life has been enormous. The use of such toys has grown with leaps and bounds. There are many was such toys can reach the people and even the events are organised to promote such spicy products. There are many adult entertainment expos happening and many other promotions happen on many websites and other medium to reach such people. There has been many eyes catching and eccentric additions in the expo organised these year and many toys were added that you might have never seen before. They are as weird as they can get, they seem to be different and yes very much new but still they can really get you thinking. Read our list for the sex toys this year and find out your taste, what appeals you, what turned you down.

Factual Doll

The doll version or so called real life dolls have been around for a while. But these days they are getting more and more realistic. The new additions have been pretty making, real life size dolls but that too of famous porn stars and that to available easily on any good sex toy shops. They cost quite a bit, but if you are into it then it will surely get your money worth.

Brony Plugs

The brony products are very well enjoyed by men and there is good client base for it. So, this new products is specially created for such men and gives a whole different experience.


It is for the ones who are insecure about their penis size. Therapy is always recommended but still if you are looking for such device then hydromax is here. Use it in shower and the vacuum pump will make the penis more enlarged or may b more erected.

Exercise Balls

It is probably very funny looking thing, but you can get fit as well as get satisfaction on the same time. It is also called Magic ball.

Trading Cards

Everybody this days likes to collect some or the other thing, whether it is coin’s or cards. Quality sex toys for men or women, it is all about the taste. So, if you are looking to collect porn star cards then here they are and you can have your own card collection of such gorgeous ladies. If you ever come across your favourite one then you can even have them sign it.

Private Pillow

If you are afraid that some might find out about you or you want to carry it with you in holiday without being embarrassed, then this pillow might come handy. It has a secrets pouch in it where you can hide your things and make sure they are safe.

Such are the new products this year, if you have more don’t forget to comment.

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